The Pyramid Model Positive Solutions Caregiver Training can help you!

SKCDC is providing a FREE Positive Solutions training for parents and caregivers to learn tips on how to manage a child's challenging behaviors starting February 25, 2020! The training will be offered for a half hour once a week completely on Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. If you've never used Zoom, don't worry, it's very user-friendly and we will show you how. And if you don't have access to Zoom, you can use a tablet from your child's center. Any SKCDC parent who signs up gets a free gift card, and any SKCDC parent who completes the six-session training will get a second free gift card.
Please see the Postive_Solutions_Flyer_19-20.pdf for more information.
Here is the link to the promotional video:

posted on January 22, 2020